Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st day of Preschool

Yes, I have not posted in a very long while. There is a lot to catch up on but today my little angel started preschool and it's such a big milestone that I'm compelled to blog about it. She was so excited about starting school today but Livi likes her sleep and when I woke her up she looked at me and said "I don't want to go to preschool today" and rolled back over in bed and closed her eyes. I told her all the fun stuff she was going to do today....make new friends, go swimming at the pool, play with the sand table, etc. etc. to coax her out of bed and it worked. So, she is at school now until 11:45 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and while I'm glad she's going to be around other kids it's kind of sad because time is going to fly by so fast and before I know it, she'll be starting grade Primary. It hasn't been an hour and I miss her already. I hope she's having fun. I must run over at 10:30 to peek at her while they are swimming. Here's a few pics from this morning.

Livi & Nanny as we're walking out the door:

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On the school steps:

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Her new classroom:

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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ok..Ok Marita. I got it. So, I've been tagged by my girl Marita www.akaltermamaego.blogspot.com to list 6 materialistic things I want, can't be humanitarian, like World Peace. So here goes:

1. A fabulous pair of tall black PRADA boots

2. A week away with Bud, someplace sunny

3. A new pair of jeans (maybe the new Paige jeans Beth was blogging about)

4. To lose a good 20 pounds (I'm with you Marita...is that fair? is that materialistic of just vanity?)

5. To have our yard professionally landscaped (I can DREAM right?)

6. A Louis Vuitton bag (not a fake one! ha!)

Ok...so it's my turn to tag somebody right? Ok - how about Jody (www.brooklynnchronicles.blogspot.com)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa Clause

hmmm....I want a new dolly, a dress-up trunk, a vanity, some DVDs, a Backyardigan ....hmmmm...lemme think Santa...what else?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Magic of Christmas

Or maybe I should call this "The Magic of the Santa Clause Threat". Yes, I know. She is only two and a half but she fully grasps the concept that this big jolly man in a red suit is going to come some night when she's sleeping and leave her a dolly. That's what she wants from the Big Man, a dolly. So I've learned something about this and it's so great that I had to share. I pick up our telephone about a half-dozen times a day threatening to call Santa. Yes, I know it's awful but it works. Dammit, I wish Christmas could last all year long. Here is a perfect example:

Me: "Olivia did you just dump that bowl of dry cereal on the floor?"
Olivia: "yup"
Me: "Why?"
Olivia: "I don't know"
Me: "Well are you going to pick them up?"
Olivia: "No, mommy, I can't. I have to get my books."
Me: "Olivia, Santa's watching you do you want me to call him?"
Olivia: "No."
Me: "Well then you better pick up that cereal."
Olivia: "OH"

Sometimes she'll argue a bit more about not picking up that cereal and then I pretend to dial Santa on the phone and she flips out yelling "Don't Call Santa! Don't Call Santa!" After that she usually does what I ask. I'm telling you girls...I wish this could last all year long....better yet, I wish this would work on Jack but I'm pretty sure he gets what Santa is really about. He pretty much told me that he knows we're Santa but will not dare say that again for fear that maybe he's right and once we know that he knows the 'jig will be up' as some say and the presents stop!!


Friday, November 17, 2006

What a booger!

WARNING: This post is kind of disgusting and I can't believe I'm even sharing this.

Want to know Livi's new trick? It's picking her nose. I know it's so disgusting. Since she was this little teenie tiny baby she's always had a nose chocked full of boogers. But what gets me is that she waits until we're in public to drive her finger up there. Usually when she's sitting in the grocery cart. I should know by now to always always take kleenex when I take her to get groceries because 9 times out of 10 she looks at me (and I swear I don't even see her doing it in the grocery store...I SWEAR! or else I'd make her stop) and says...."EWWWWW MOMMY A BOOGER - HERE! TAKE IT!!" - to which I have to take it off her finger with whatever the hell I can find in my purse....once it was ...nevermind...you don't want to know. If you're totally grossed out now it's your own fault...I warned you!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


69 hits on Livi's little website in the past week and 1 comment? Who's out there reading this? Don't be shy.

Tiny Dancer

....hold me closer Tiny Dancer.....Olivia loves to dance. She loves her Disney Princess Sing-A-Long DVD with the dance-along bonus features. She wants to be one of those girls I swear! Don't you love her leg-warmers? Thanks for the idea Nita!!!

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I don't know what it is about this picture. I just love her wild hair in it. We were playing airplane on the bed and I took this picture. Don't you just love it too?

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Livi's 'Illin

Is that a word? Anyways, tonight started off good. It was just me and Liv home tonight. I cooked supper. Nothing gourmet by any means but I had a hankering for fried bologna. So there you have it. Fried bologna, potatoes and caesar salad. WHAT? It was good! So I proceed to feed her supper to her while she's taking a bath like I do most nights because she can't run from me in the bathtub. She pretty near cleans it up. She gets out of the bath and she's pretty clingy. Lying on me on the sofa. She tells me her belly and her back hurts and I didn't clue in that her tummy was upset. Did I mention that she drinks the bathwater? Yeah, she drinks the bathwater. Tonight we were blowing bubbles. You know, the kind with the wand that's probably dishsoap. She dumps it into the tub. It was just small. I think from a wedding. Yah, definitely from a wedding. There was a bride and groom on top. Anyhooooo - she's drinking out of it. I know - ick!! It didn't even click with me. So, back to the sofa. She sits straight up and I can tell she's going to throw up so I pick her up and she vomits....on me. In my face. On my clothes. On herself. EWWW!! EWWW! I feel so bad for my poor little angel. I clean myself and her up and she's lying on the sofa again. I give her tylenol because she seems to have a bit of a fever. Five minutes later she projectile vomits on the sofa. Blech! This time I have to cut her shirt off of her because there is no way in hell I'm going to lift that over her head. I get her settled down again and call my sister and ask her if she thinks it is okay to give her tyleonol again. She suggests gravol and I immediately say we don't have any. I get the okay and give her tyleonol again and ask her if she wants to snuggle mommy in mommy's bed. That gets her every time.

Sooo......we go into my bed and I'm rubbing her back and she sits straight up and does it again. I take her into the living room where I proceed to yet again, cut another shirt off her because she's covered in it and well, it's gross. I prop her back up on the sofa and wipe her down with a facecloth and she seems to be feeling a little better when I decide to actually check to see if we do have gravol and yes, we do. I forgot we bought some for Jack when we went to the Dominican Republic. I get that into her and she drifts off....into sleep. She is now in her bed, sound asleep. I hope feeling better. I think I'll sleep in Jack's bed tonight so I can keep an eye on her. Fingers crossed tomorrow will involve no vomit.